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A Case Study—NLP & Hypnotherapy—For a Psychosomatic Symptom

© Copyright 2009-2011 by Kelly Gerling, Ph.D.

Counseling with NLP and hypnotherapy probes the inner world of people in such a way to reveal solutions to problems that had not yet been discovered.

I once was called to a hospital to see a woman who was about six months pregnant, and at risk of losing the baby. The woman was about 30 years old, and was experiencing extreme nausea. She was not able to keep food down, and was vomiting or attempting to vomit hundreds of times a day.

When I walked into her room, with the permission of the medical doctor on that floor, I saw her in her bed with a stainless steel bowl she was holding. Her husband was sitting next to her. I saw how awful she was feeling, and she looked very pale and sick. She told me they may have to abort the baby if she didn't feel better. She had tried some medical marijuana to reduce the nausea but it wasn't working 

I asked her if I could sit down and talk with her and her husband. They were expecting me and said yes. I asked her if she would turn her attention inward and to ask the part of her making her feel sick if that part would communicate with her and tell her what her intentions were in making her feel so sick. She closed her eyes and after what seemed like a minute or two, she said something like, "The part making me sick is my guilt. I feel that I don't deserve this baby. I feel like that because when I was married before to someone else, I got pregnant and instead of having the baby, I got an abortion. Ever since then I've felt that I took away that child's life. I don't know how I can deserve a child if I did that."

I gently asked her if the part who was making her sick and felt guilty would be willing to communicate some more details about what that part wants from her now. She responded by saying that she needed to talk with the "soul of the baby" she was now carrying. I indicated that she could turn her attention inwardly and ask what that soul wanted to say.

She, once again, turned her attention inward and for quite a while looked like she was intensely concentrating. Then she opened her eyes and said she thought she was communicating with the soul of the baby through a feeling connection. She said she thought maybe the soul of this baby was the same soul that had been connected to the fetus she aborted years earlier. I asked her to pose that question as a yes/no question like this: "If you are the soul of the baby I aborted before, please indicate "yes" with a signal I can't consciously control." She turned her attention inwardly and apparently asked the question. She smiled warmly and said she got a strong feeling of yes.

I looked over to her husband who was sitting right next to both of us. I looked back and said to her: "Ask the soul of the baby if there were any advantages to being born now, as opposed to having been been born before."

She went inside her mind and posed he question. She smiled again and said this: "The image I got was that the advantage of being born now is having my husband as a father this time around." She opened her eyes and smiled and turned to her husband. He naturally felt appreciated by his yet-to-be-born child. He squeezed his wife's hand. The color returned to her face. She looked much better. She then said, "The guilt is gone. And I don't feel sick anymore."

I took that at face value and indicated she should call me the next day and let me know how much better she was feeling. I told the doctor on the floor as I left that I thought she'd be okay now. She wasn't sick again in that way during her pregnancy.

A healthy baby girl was born a few months later. Looking back on this case of profound personal change, I cannot say for certain as to whether my client was actually communicating with the soul of her baby. Perhaps she was. She was at least communicating with a part of herself. And the end result was a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl.

This illustrates the power of listening within to respect symptoms enough to consult them for solutions to their pain-signals.





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