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Community Facilitation

With the problems in our economy, and increasingly, in the environment, there are some disputes and problems that cannot be solved by normal means, for these are not normal times. Members of different groups in communities sometimes need to come together to identify and solve problems. Involving many players, and developing workable plans can make a real difference. And doing this well requires processes of resolving conflicts, strategic planning, and higher levels of cooperating.

 ". . . there are some disputes and problems that cannot be solved by normal means, for these are not normal times."


For an example of Community Facilitation, consider the following case. At a recent Portland, Oregon conference in early October, 2009 I worked with a group. The conference was called Econvergence, which dealt with the economic and environmental crises in the Pacific Northwest. At the end of the conference, I worked with another facilitator, Peter Bohmer, to help a group of 130 participants at the conference to develop plans for following up the conference panels and workshops.


To take a look at this conference website, go here. To see the description of the final strategy session and closing at 3:15 p.m. on the last day of the conference, go here to the end of the schedule.


My Community Facilitation service provides processes to bring people in communities together. I help groups, such as issue advocacy organizations, that had been competing, to cooperate.


Here are some of the processes I provide via Community Facilitation:


  • Conflict resolution between community leaders and groups
  • Facilitated meetings, sessions and forums for strategic planning.
  • Facilitate with processes like Open Space Technology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and other group communication processes to help groups develop trust, open communication, and plans for the future.
  • Prevent communication from breaking down between individuals and groups, even when emotions are hot, issues are important, and solutions seem impossible.


If your group or neighborhood finds itself without a way to solve problems you face, consider my Community Facilitation service.






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